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How does Eyeota collect data?

Our data is sourced from two main categories of partners.

  • Online Publishers: Currently over 30,000 online publishers worldwide who have our pixels embedded across their sites. With each pixel we collect a variety of information that could range from the context of a page through to declared user information. This data is passed to us in an anonymized fashion, aggregated, and then segmented in to our audience categories. No personal identifiable information such as name or address is transferred to Eyeota through this process.
  • Branded Data Providers: There are a number of research organisations who own valuable data sets, but do not have the capabilities to either match their data to online profiles, or to deliver it into the digital advertising ecosystem. Eyeota works with some of the most recognized owners of traditional marketing insight & research to attribute their data to online profiles and enable digital marketers to target campaigns using data which is reliable, high quality and understood within an offline context. Branded data providers include Experian and Roy Morgan.
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